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Nawawi Center Limited

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March 31

Address for service

18 Harvard Avenue

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Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

Developing and providing programmes to nurture confident, balanced youth with a strong rooted New Zealand Muslim Identity. The programmes intertwine spirituality, education, culture, mental health and society and are provided in safe, caring, and positive environments for youth.

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Acts as an umbrella / resource body

Education / training / research

People of a certain ethnic / racial origin

Entity Structure

We are a registered company. We have a managing director who oversees the organisation. We have key positions such as financial officer, administrator, IT officer, marketing officer, project adviser and multiple team leaders. The team leaders are assigned to particular projects within our different programmes. These positions together comprise the core team. The core team is responsible for collective decision making, strategy and direction.

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Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Noorayesha Saleha Jones Director 11/03/2020
Hashmat Lafraie Strategy Advisor 4/09/2019
Hesham Jones Project Advisor & IT Manager 4/09/2019
Nadiah Ali Strategy Advisor & Project Advisor 4/09/2019
Zimna Thaufeeg Financial Officer 4/09/2019
Zayid Jones Director 10/09/2015

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