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Animal Evac New Zealand Trust Board
Animal Evac NZ

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March 31

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PO Box 216
5 Bennett Grove

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Charitable Purpose

Formed in 2018, following the devastating Edgecumbe flood the year prior that saw over 1,000 animals left behind in need of rescue, Animal Evac New Zealand (Kararehe Whakawatea) is a charity comprised of Regional Coordinators who work with Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups to ensure the needs of animals are better served in future emergencies.

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Care / protection of animals

Emergency / disaster relief, Promotion of volunteering


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Charitable Trust Board established under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

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Officer Name Position Effective Date
Wendy Qian Xu Treasurer 19/07/2018
Stephen Glassey Trustee 23/05/2018
Theresa Ann Parkin Secretary 15/05/2018

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