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Blue Cradle Foundation

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March 31

Address for service

181 Geraldine Street

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Instagram @bluecradleNZ

Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

- Promoting the conservation and regeneration of the ocean is ecosystems and species. - Promoting and supporting communities working on ocean health impact in NZ and beyond. - Promoting ocean legacy marine science and conservation education and ocean science for sustainable devleopment.

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Environment / conservation

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General public

Entity Structure

Charitable Trust governed by trustees.

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There are no public Annual Return records for this charity.

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Ben Lewis Parker Trustee/Donor 2/06/2020
Geoffroy Lamarche Trustee/Donor 2/06/2020
James Alexander Nikitine Chair/Trustee/Donor 2/06/2020
Jocelyn Gae Papprill Trustee/Donor 2/06/2020

Charity Updates

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1/07/2020 NOC001

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