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Ross Beever Memorial Mycological Trust
Name change history
Name Effective Date
Ross Beever Memorial Trust 16/07/2015
Ross Beever Memorial Mycological Trust 28/07/2016

Registration details

February 28

Address for service

Landcare Research
Private Bag 92170
Auckland Mail Centre
Landcare Research
231 Morrin Road
St Johns

Charity's other details

07 870 1478
07 870 1478

Purpose & Structure

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Makes grants / loans to individuals

Education / training / research

Other (please state)

(Graduate Students Studying Mycology)

Annual Returns

There are no public Annual Return records for this charity.

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
David Orlovich Trustee 20/05/2015
Jessica Beever Trustee 20/05/2015
Patrick L Leonard Trustee 20/05/2015
Tom Leslie Davies Trustee 20/05/2015

Charity Updates

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22/04/2016 NOC002

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